Locke Lord's Public Finance Team Advises on Texas Biomedical Research Institute's Deal of the Year Transaction

Locke Lord's Adam Harden, Carey Troell, John Hall (all of Austin) and Sahil Nooruddin (Dallas) provided legal services on Texas Biomedical Research Institute's inaugural bond sale, which was awarded 2021 Deal of the Year by Smith's Research and Gradings. Smith's annual Municipal All-Star Awards recognizes outstanding municipal bond analysts and investments based on votes by 1,000 institutional investors. Texas Biomedical Research Institute, a San Antonio-based leading independent biomedical research institution dedicated to advancing health worldwide, raised a total of $65 million in municipal bond sales, helping to retire $43 million in short-term bank loans to fund new laboratories and upgrades. Texas Biomedical Research Institute also raised $22 million in new capital to support ongoing efforts to expand its infectious disease research capabilities, including important work to combat COVID-19. For additional information, see the press release.
Posted on December 30, 2021