Training and development

Becoming a good lawyer — and remaining one — involves a lifetime of training. Locke Lord is committed to honing the skills of its Associates through innovative programs that show them how to build professional working relationships with clients and how Firm policies guide the way you work each day.

Associates will undergo a formal training process to help familiarize them with common Firm concepts like administrative, billing, recruiting, client skills, pro bono, and Firm policies and procedures that will help make your transition to Locke Lord as smooth as possible. Not only will you learn from your colleagues at Locke Lord, but there is outside training available to help you quickly improve and increase your courtroom skills.

As you progress in your career with Locke Lord, you will learn new skills and methods that earn the trust and respect of your clients and co-workers. Each practice area holds regular meetings to help you acclimate to the latest legal developments. Continuing legal education classes both in and out of the Firm are offered regularly to increase your knowledge base.