Locke Lord encourages summer associates to seek judicial clerkships. Not only do judicial clerkships in federal and state courts across the country provide a boost to a starting lawyer's career, but they also provide invaluable real world experience. We provide an additional compensation bonus for certain clerkships and give one-year credit toward an associate's starting salary and partnership class. An estimated 11 percent of Locke Lord lawyers serve judicial clerkships. Below is a list of former judicial clerks from Locke Lord as a contact resource for those considering a judicial clerkship.


    John Arnold W. Scott Hastings Michael V. Powell
    C. Davin Boldissar Thomas Jefferson IV Steven Quiring
    George E. Bowles Alan H. Katz Christine Richardson
    Eric Boylan Susan Kidwell Seth M. Roberts
    Heidi Brady Elizabeth Lang Miers  Jonevin Sabado
    Taylor F. Brinkman Christopher Larson Carl C. Scherz 
    Scarlett Collings Elizabeth E. Mack Michael R. Schulman
    Michael H. Collins Eugene McDermott  Paul Schuster
    Chris Dove John P. McDonald Daniel Solitro 
    Michelle Adams Earley Michael McGivney William B. Steele, III
    Lauren Morgan Fincher Jeffrey B. Mead Douglas Sweeney
    Ben FrazziniKendrick  Harriet Miers Samantha Vasques
    David M. Gregory Robert T. Mowrey Thomas G. Yoxall


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