Why Locke Lord?
    • We take our clients and our work seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.
    • We have an environment that promotes teamwork and mutual respect. Associates feel like they work with partners, not for partners.
    • We're family-oriented. Most of our lawyers have families, and so we understand that most people work to live, not live to work.
    • Locke Lord associates are given more responsibility earlier on in their careers than at other major firms.
    • Mentoring and training are priorities.
    • We hire our associates with the expectation that they'll make partner. We don't arbitrarily limit how many partners we ultimately make based on short-term considerations. We make partners who we think will be successful in the long term.

    Will I make as much money as I would at another big firm and how much do summer associates make?

    Locke Lord's salary and benefits packages rank among the top in the market. Our partnership is a meritocracy where the best of our lawyers make as much or more than lawyers at other big firms. At the partner level, we do not have a lock step partner compensation system and consider a broad spectrum of factors in determining overall compensation. An assertive partner may move more quickly up the ladder than in a firm where compensation is based more upon tenure.

    Summer associates receive $3,461, paid weekly.

    How is the summer program structured?

    The summer program is designed to be a balanced blend of both work and social functions. Each summer associate is asked to demonstrate legal abilities through work product. Generally, our summer associates get to work with several partners and associates. Summer associates should try to strike a healthy balance between work efforts and social interaction.

    Will I be assigned a mentor?

    Locke Lord is committed to the development of our attorneys. During our Summer Program, you will be paired with a “Supervising Attorney” team. These attorneys are responsible for ensuring that you have a meaningful experience with us during the summer. Your Supervising Attorneys act as mentors for you and seek out work assignments for you. They are a great resource and will ensure that you receive projects that align with your practice area interest(s). Additionally, when you join the Firm as a full-time Associate, you will be paired with mentors. Your mentors take personal responsibility for your development as a lawyer.

    What about office space and parking?

    Summer associates have their own offices. We pay for parking conveniently located near our office building in selected offices.

    How does Locke Lord provide summer associates an opportunity to get to know both the city and the Firm?

    During the clerkship term, summer associates are invited to a number of social functions. Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory. These functions are designed to give summer associates the opportunity to get to know our lawyers on a personal level and also provide an overview of life in the city.

    Do your summer associates receive meaningful work assignments?

    The Recruiting Department and Supervising Attorneys work closely with each summer associate to tailor their individual summer program experience. Prior to their arrival, each summer associate is asked to select a practice area interest to focus on over the course of the program. Our summer associates are provided the opportunity to contribute significantly on projects involving "real-life" legal matters. Our goal is for our summer associates to operate as first-year associates. Additionally, we anticipate that our summer associates will learn from participation in a broad range of the Firm's activities. For example, beyond legal writing and research, summer associates are invited to take part in activities that emphasize the practical aspects of the practice of law, such as the closing of business transactions, client meetings, hearings, trials and depositions. Upon completion of a project, attorneys provide summer associates with an oral and/or written review of the work product.

    Our summer associates are provided oral and/or written reviews of their work product by the assigning lawyers.

    What training will I receive as a full time associate?

    Locke Lord recognizes that the best training is the hands-on variety. Our associates tend to take an active role at a faster pace than associates at other firms.

    However, we also recognize the importance of formal training. Our sections are very active in training associates. An example is our in-house trial training. Through that process, the associates receive trial and hearing practice under the supervision of our partners. The sections also are active in outside training such as seminars and National Institute for Trial Advocacy programs. All summer associates participate in our summer associate orientation, which includes both computer and administrative training.

    What is the partnership track for a new associate at Locke Lord?

    Associates are eligible for partner consideration upon completion of their eighth year practicing law.

    Does Locke Lord offer a first-year clerkship program?

    We offer clerkships to first-year students on a limited basis.

    Where does Locke Lord have a presence?

    Locke Lord is a full-service, international law firm that ranks among The American Lawyer’s top U.S. law firms. Locke Lord has lawyers in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Hartford, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Princeton, Providence, San Francisco, Stamford, Washington, D.C. and West Palm Beach.


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